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Viewing, dressing, and personal items are decisions of a private or religious nature. At Tony Hollands Funerals, we are sensitive to this process and we’ll guide you when necessary.


A viewing of the person who has died can be beneficial, but this is an area that is purely personal. In some instances, the viewing may be of great benefit, as the person who has died may have been out of contact for some time, they may have lived in a different state or country, or the death may have been sudden or unexpected.

The viewing serves the purpose of allowing the family and friends time to say goodbye and can be a step towards acceptance of death. However, it is perfectly acceptable not to have a viewing.


At Tony Hollands Funerals, we have trained professional staff who handle this with dignity and respect. The deceased can be dressed in any item of clothing that you wish. From shorts and t-shirt, to a full suit or a wedding dress, the combinations are endless.

If it is your custom, or you wish to perform the duty of dressing the deceased, you can do so with the supervision and assistance of our mortuary technician. Please advise our consultant at the earliest time if you require this facility.

Personal items

You may wish that you or your loved one be buried or cremated with a favourite piece of jewellery or other personal items. Discuss this with our arranger and advise us of your decision.

When we receive such an item, we will document it and ask you to sign a receipt to confirm it is in our possession. If you’re viewing, you may wish to place the item with the deceased yourself. If you choose this option, you will still be required to sign the personal item receipt before the coffin is sealed.

At any stage, you may request to see this document for your own peace of mind. If the deceased is transferred from a nursing home or hospital, the responsible person releasing the deceased into our care will also sign this personal item receipt. This will then be presented to you at the time of arrangement for your confirmation and advice.

For more information regarding viewings and dressings,
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