Great Southern Memorial Park

Great Southern Memorial Park

Image of Great Southern Memorial Park Building
Great Southern Memorial Park  is at 1774 - 1794 Mt Cotton Road, Carbrook and has been available for cremation funeral services or burial funeral services since 1997. if you need to call them they can be reached on (07) 3829 9999. Great Southern Memorial Park is a convenient facility for families on the Eastern and Southern side of Brisbane and services the areas of Loganholme, Eagleby, Beenleigh, Mt Cotton, Cleveland, Victoria Point and Redland Bay. Tony Hollands Funerals has an office in Victoria Point to assist families that want to arrange a funeral in Great Southern Memorial Park.

The Crematorium has one chapel that can seat about 90 people. This chapel air conditioned, is more conventionally styled and has light wood tones for a warm modern feel. The chapel has excellent audio visual equipment that will play most formats of music on CD or video on DVD but it is wise if you produce this yourself you will need to check it at Great Southern Crematorium at least the day before. Phone the number above and arrange an appointment and one of their consultants will assist you.

Funeral services in this chapel begin on the hour for example, at 10:00 am, 11:00 am and 12:00 pm etc. If there is going to be a lot of content during the service such as long photo presentations or mourners saying a few words. Then it is advisable to take an extra chapel time. Great Southern Memorial Park has a fee for this but it may mean that you are not rushed.

Great Southern Memorial Park also has a cemetery within the grounds and the chapel is available to use for a burial service. If you decide to use the chapel for a burial service, you will be able to walk to the grave site. 

The catering room is just to the left of the chapel which is convenient for those who are unable to walk long distances, Booking the catering area is essential as it may not be available at the time of the funeral service. The catering is organised by how many people you estimate will attend and by an option of price so if you can try and think about this before making funeral arrangements. 

There are a number descriptions for the facilities including Great Southern Gardens Crematorium, Carbrook Crematorium or Mt Cotton Crematorium
Great Southern Memorial Park Chapel Facilities include:
  • DVD photo-presentation option
  • Opportunity to play CD music for a more personalised funeral service
  • A large undercover standing area outside the entrance door
  • Soft lighting
  • Air conditioning
  • Conveniently located car park
  • A unique water feature that flows down the windows on the western side
  • Close to the cemetery within the grounds

Images of Great Southern Memorial Park

Great Southern Memorial Park Chapel Images
Great Southern Memorial Park Viewing Room images

Go to the links below for videos of Great Southern Memorial Park

Video of Great Southern Memorial Park Cemetery grounds.
Video of the Great Southern Memorial Park Viewing room.
Video of Great Southern Memorial Park Car park and Cemetery Grounds.
The total funeral cost at Great Southern Memorial Park is determined by your choices such as the funeral location, burial or cremation, coffin, flowers and funeral directors charges. Funeral directors charges vary greatly depending on the quality of service that you require. If you go for a low cost funeral director you may be disappointed by the services that they supply. In saying that, you may be concerned with price and we are sensitive to this as well. Tony Hollands Funerals are situated in the middle of the field and we will tailor a funeral service to suit most budgets. 

Being 100% family owned and run by family, we are not controlled by a big corporation that sets sales targets. Tony Hollands Funerals staff do not work on commission so we give choice as only you can determine what you want. Whether you choose the top of the range funeral or a more economical one Tony Hollands Funerals have the solution to your need or budget requirements. Tony Hollands Funerals also encourage families to ring around or compare other funeral providers in Brisbane as we are confident that you will select us. We will give you the best price at the first call and not hide anything.

Tony Hollands Funerals staff are at hand to answer an of your questions or concerns. Do not hesitate to contact us on 3392 9919 when you have the need to arrange a burial service or cremation service at Great Southern Memorial Park, we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

To arrange a funeral at Great Southern Memorial Park
call us on 07 3392 9919 day or night, seven days a week.

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