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Cremation in Brisbane

Cremation is a personal choice. On this page, we’ll explain in some detail what’s involved when someone is cremated and what choices you have. There are a number of crematoria available in Brisbane and the decision to choose cremation can come down to religious beliefs, cost, or even the way the funeral will be conducted.

Most funeral directors will ask at the outset whether you’ve chosen a cremation or buriato clarify the direction the funeral service will take and identify the associated documents required. 

The crematoriums in the Brisbane area are listed here. If you wish to view the chapels, just click below:

Cremation process

Cremation Process - Tony Hollands Funerals Brisbane

Cremation is the act of transforming someone’s mortal remains from the physical form into ashes or cremated remains. Crematoriums use a machine called a transformer for the actual cremation process.

The myth that you don't get the cremated remains of the person who is cremated is false, as the machine can only take one cremation at a time. Each cremation is allocated a number, and the nameplate from the coffin is removed, following the cremated remains from start to finish. Crematoriums go to great lengths to maintain their standards and transparency, so you can rest assured you’ll receive the actual cremated remains in the Cremation urn of your loved one.

Cremations Act

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Cremation is controlled by the Cremations Act, which means you’ll need to answer questions, such as whether it was the wish of the deceased to be cremated. Other questions will include if they had written directions to this effect and if the person poses a cremation risk due to the presence of a radioactive implant or a cardiac pacemaker.

Radioactive implants can emit radioactive material into the atmosphere during the cremation process, which is harmful for the environment and the staff of the crematorium. Cardiac pacemakers have a battery that will explode, damaging the cremator and potentially harming the crematorium staff. If the person does have one of these devices, it will be removed by a mortuary technician who is highly trained in this process.

When we arrive at the crematorium, the crematorium staff will check all the relevant documents and when there are no issues, the person can be cremated. The average cremation takes about an hour and, after a cooling period, the remains are processed into fine grains and placed into the receiving urn.

Crematorium Funeral Service

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The crematorium chapel funeral is now one of the most popular types of funeral services in Brisbane. Each crematorium has a chapel that can be used for the funeral service if you wish, and the cost of the chapel hire and cremation averages around the $850.00 mark.

The preferred total time for the funeral service is 30 minutes, as there are usually other funeral services taking place. The funeral director needs time before and after the funeral to put into place the wishes of the family, check music or photo presentations , and collect coffin flowers , floral tributes, and other items after the funeral so it’s clear for the next family. If you think you need more time, you can book two chapel times at a small cost.

Crematoriums usually hold funerals on the hour (e.g. 10:00am, 11:00am, and so on) and funeral directors work on the principal of 9:45am, 10:45am, and so on, so bookings can be tight without two bookings. Over the years, the facilities at these venues have improved, and now feature Photo presentations and music for the family and friends who attend the funeral. 

Cremation Urns

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Crematoriums will supply a basic plastic urn and this is fine if you are scattering the cremated remains. We have access to a large selection of cremation urns and if you wish, Tony Hollands Funerals can supply a brochure of urns that you can select and purchase at affordable prices.

With cremation urns, you can choose any design or shape that you like to reflect your loved one’s personality. People usually assume they must use a specific cremation urn supplied by a crematorium, but any solid container that you deem appropriate will be suitable.

Crematoriums Available in Brisbane

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Below, you'll find a list of crematoriums that are available around the Brisbane area. Each venue has been listed with the facilities that are available.

With this list, you can see the venue that will suit your needs before you contact us. Alternatively, we can help you with this decision as needed.

Crematoria Burial Cremation Chapel 1 Chapel 2 DVD Equip Complimentary Recording* Seating Capacity Catering Facilities Viewing Room
Albany Creek Crematorium Lakeview Garden L - 120
G -100
Allambe Memorial Park Parkview Garden P - 100
G - 50
Centenary Memorial Gardens 120
Eco Memorial Park 80
Great Northern Garden of Remembrance 80
Great Southern Memorial Park 90
Hemmant Crematorium 115
Heritage Park Crematorium 90
Mt Gravatt Crematorium 110
Mt Thompson Crematorium East West E - 100
W - 90
Pinnaroo Crematorium 115
*Recording of the service is of a complimentary basis and it is a service supplied by crematoriums. Although all care is taken, there is no guarantee that the recording will work.

Brisbane Crematorium Locations

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Albany Creek Memorial Park
400 Albany Creek Rd
Bridgeman Downs QLD 4035

Ph: 07 3263 3033

Mt Thompson Crematorium
329 Nursery Rd
Holland Park QLD 4121

Ph: 07 3349 2001

Great Southern Memorial Park, Carbrook
1774 - 1194 Mt Cotton Road
Carbrook QLD 4130

Ph: 07 3829 9999

Centenary Memorial Gardens, Sumner
353 Wacol Station Road
Sumner QLD 4074

Ph: 07 3271 1222

Mt Gravatt Crematorium
582 Mains Rd
Macgregor QLD 4111

Ph: 07 3407 2397

Pinnaroo Crematorium
294 Graham Rd
Bridgeman Downs QLD 4035

Ph: 07 3407 8136

Hemmant Crematorium, Hemmant
Hemmant and Tingalpa Rd
Hemmant QLD 4174

Ph: 07 3407 8830

Heritage Park Crematorium, Goodna
113 Stuart St
Goodna QLD 4300

Ph: 07 3288 2844

For more information on our cremation services, call us on 07 3392 9919 day or night, seven days a week.

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