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Casket or Coffin Selection

Casket or coffin selection has a considerable impact on the final outcome of the funeral cost. Coffins are traditionally styled with the curve at the shoulder and a casket is rectangular in shape. Caskets can be made in either wood or metal and these are usually more costly. At Tony Hollands Funerals, we offer you the choice of selecting a casket or coffin from our website, display booklet or from our selection room. 

In our selection rooms at Yeerongpilly, Victoria Point and Alderley, each coffin has listed on it the description, style of construction and price so you can make an informed and personal choice for both your financial and ceremonial requirements. To view a booklet with more of a selection just visit one of our funeral homes in Brisbane.

Tony Hollands Funerals has access to a wide range of alternatively styled coffins such as the pesonalised Expressions Coffins. These coffins are vinal wrapped that can have any type of image printed on it. This is a good way of showing what makes the person special. When ordering this type of coffin, your Tony Hollands Funerals cosultant will advise that the design can take a few more days to produce and deliver. You may wish to design the coffin early so please talk to one of our consulants today.

Below on this page is a range of coffins and caskets that Tony Hollands Funerals supply and they range from the moderate to the more elaborate. 

For assistance with coffin selection,
call us on 07 3392 9919 day or night, seven days a week.

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