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Photo Presentations

Most facilities used for funeral services have a DVD player to play a video presentation of the person's life during the service. These can be organised by family members who create the presentation or Tony Hollands Funerals can produce this for you.

We recommend that video presentations consist of 30 photos that can be synchronised with one song and last for approximately three minutes, or 60 photos that can be synchronised with two songs and last for approximately six minutes. More than 60 photos can be used if they are not set to music and just play continuously throughout the service (35 minutes).

Points to note:

  • All video presentations need to be in DVD-Video format and burned onto a DVD disk (not a CD disk) for use in a DVD player
  • It is important to test the DVD, preferably at the facility being used for the funeral service, but if this cannot be done, then test the DVD in at least one DVD player (not a computer)
  • Video presentations made using Microsoft PowerPoint software (ppt or pptx format) when burned onto a DVD disk, will not play in most DVD players. Convert PowerPoint presentations (from ppt or pptx) to DVD-Video format before burning onto a DVD disk
  • If your video presentation is on a USB flash drive, you must check with the facility being used for the funeral service that they have the appropriate equipment to connect and play video presentations from a USB flash drive, including which video formats are supported
  • Some facilities have laptops that can play several different formats, but you must confirm this with the facility being used for the funeral service.

    If you’re using Tony Hollands Funerals to produce the video presentation, we require all relevant pictures (in order) and song titles and artists by 12:00pm on the last weekday before the funeral service.

    Unless you use family or friends to produce the video presentation, there is an additional cost incurred. Producing a video presentation is not included in Tony Hollands Funerals’ Professional Service Fee.

    Tony Hollands Funerals will take all due care to produce and/or play a video presentations, but we cannot be held responsible for a video presentation that does not work due to improper format or faulty equipment at the facility used for the funeral service.

    See Funeral Service Media for a downloadable and printable file of the information above.

    For more information regarding photo presentations,
    call us on 07 3392 9919 day or night, seven days a week.

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