Minister or Celebrant

Funeral celebrants and ministers from Brisbane’s most caring funeral director. 

Minister or Celebrant

Whether you decide to use a Minister or Celebrant for the funeral service is your choice, depending on your spiritual or non-religious beliefs.

If you decide to have a Minister of religion to conduct a religious funeral, the funeral will be fairly structured. Tony Hollands Funerals will contact the Minister to discuss the finer points of the service. As there are many religions, Tony Hollands Funerals are aware of the differences between faiths and conduct the service with this in mind. Such as Catholic funerals, Anglican funerals, Uniting Church funerals and Greek and Russian Ortodox funerals to name a few that we have assisted with in Brisbane. 

If you decide to have a Celebrant perform the funeral, you are able to tailor the funeral with more freedom. Although religious funerals are more relaxed now days, they will stick to a format. A Celebrant service doesn't have to or does it have to conform to a structure. Tony hollands Funerals use a number of Celebrants that have prooved that they will design a funeral to meet the needs of family and friends. 

If you do not have contact with your own Minister or Celebrant, Tony Hollands Funerals can arrange for a religious or non-religious person to conduct the service on your behalf. During the funeral, planning your funeral cost and choices may vary again. Music from CD's can be played, photo presentations, flowers can be placed on the coffin or any other tribute that you wish will be included. 

Family members may wish to participate in the service, with roles including a musical soloist or organist. Poetry readings and eulogies are other options you may wish to consider.

Please advise the Tony Hollands Funerals staff regarding your wishes for the service, so we can inform the Minister or Celebrant of your decisions and ensure everything runs smoothly.

To arrange a minister or celebrant,
call us on 07 3392 9919 day or night, seven days a week.

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