Pre-Arrange a Funeral

Pre arranged funerals in Brisbane

Pre-arrange a funeral in Brisbane

Pre-arranging a funeral service, or even something as simple as pre-selecting the funeral company that will take care of the arrangements, will help to alleviate stress when someone dies. Don’t just use the funeral director the family has used for years, as this decision may cost your family in more ways than just price.

By all means, phone your usual funeral director, but also ring two others and ask for a funeral quote. At Tony Hollands Funerals, we encourage this because we believe that once you’ve spoken to others, you’ll be happy to use our service.

Nominate a funeral director

When someone enters a nursing home or aged care facility, it is a requirement that a funeral director is nominated. Tony Hollands Funerals provides a service to these facilities, so if a family has not already selected a funeral director, we will transfer the deceased into our care free of charge. This means the family can decide which funeral director to use in their own time.

Funeral directors after-hours transfer fee and mortuary preparation fee

At Tony Hollands Funerals, we don’t have a transfer fee in most cases for south east Queensland transfers night or day, nor do we have mortuary preparation fees. We don’t believe that you or your family should be penalised if the death occurs after business hours. Most other funeral homes have an after-hours transfer fee and this can be as high as $400 dollars. Some even charge for a transfer during business hours. All these fees should be included within the funeral homes in Brisbane professional service fee - so ask prior. 

As funeral arrangements are a daunting task, many families and individuals have asked us to pre-plan a funeral to ease the strain of arranging a service when people are at their most emotional. This is a helpful option, as it will take away the tendency to make and regret emotionally-driven choices and decisions. If you take away the strain by pre-planning the service, you have time to consider all the options.

Once you’ve completed these arrangements, you should keep this information with your personal papers and advise family members or friends of its location, or you can forward it to Tony Hollands Funerals. We guarantee to keep these arrangements indefinitely for your peace of mind, and you may review the information at any time.

Three easy steps, arranging funerals in Brisbane for peace of mind:

  1. Choose whether you prefer a ‘no fuss’ unattended funeral or a ceremony at a church or chapel of your choice.
  2. Decide whether you wish to:
    (a) Pre-arrange a funeral.
    (b) Begin setting money aside into a funeral fund.
    (c) Nominate Tony Hollands Funerals as your funeral director and plan a funeral with no financial outlay now.
  3. Phone 07 3392 9919 to arrange an obligation-free visit to discuss your needs.

We recommend SUREPLAN GOLD FUNERAL BONDS. Please follow the link for full details.


Pre-arranging a funeral can help alleviate additional stress when a loved one passes away – whether this involves setting out exactly what is to take place, or choosing the location for the service.


Pre-paying for a funeral can eliminate the stress that those left behind may feel if they must unexpectedly pay for funeral costs. Learn about our payment plans and cover these expenses early.

Nursing Home Placement

All nursing homes will ask if a decision has been made on a funeral director at the initial placement interview. Avoid choosing the wrong one in a stressful situation and select Tony Hollands in advance.


We encourage adults to appoint an Enduring Power of Attorney who can legally manage your financial and personal/health matters if you are unable to do so. We have compiled useful information to guide you in this process.

For help with pre-arranged funerals,
call us on 07 3392 9919 day or night, seven days a week.

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