Embalming services from Brisbane’s most professional funeral provider

Embalming Service

Embalming is an important custom for many cultures and families and was originally developed to preserve the deceased for an extended period.

The process involves preparing the deceased using special techniques that ensure preservation. For general funeral services of either burial or cremation, embalming is not necessary and, if suggested in certain circumstances, is just a waste of your money. Contact our team for more information.

When is embalming necessary?  

Embalming is sometimes necessary for hygiene reasons or if the final resting-place is in an above ground vault or mausoleum. It is also required if the deceased is to be transported by air out of Australia.

If embalming is required, we have modern facilities and experienced professionals who will carry out this procedure.

For more information regarding our embalming practices, call us on 07 3392 9919 day or night, seven days a week.

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