Memorial Services

Memorial Funeral Services

Tony Hollands Funerals offers assistance with arranging and conducting memorial services in Brisbane. Here are a few points that describe the difference between a Funeral service and a Memorial Service.

  • The body is present at a funeral, and the body is absent at a memorial service although a cremation urn containing the ashes may be placed in a suitable area that will act as a focal point. It can be as long or short as required and focus on being a tribute.
  • A memorial service generally takes place after the death and burial or cremation has occurred.
  • Funerals are usually held immediately following death whereas memorial funeral services could take place weeks or months later.
  • Much like a funeral, a memorial service celebrates the life of the deceased.
    Memorials are often held in a non traditional location such as a local park, home garden, community hall or other comfortable gathering place.
  • They are often held when someone had particular ties to a community as a ritual to help people pay their last respects. It can include a greater participation by family and friends speaking about the deceased and his or her achievements and contributions to society.
  • If a cremation has been performed, a memorial service can be conducted to inter or scatter the cremated remains.
  • Sometimes family will arrange a private family funeral service, and then hold a memorial service for other relatives and friends. A memorial service can also be immediately held following a private funeral service.
  • In lieu of a body, a display of photos on boards showing the high points of the deceased's life. Music can be played or a photo presentation can be shown.
  • If you are planning the memorial funeral service in Brisbane for a recently deceased loved one, there are an endless variety of celebrations and service options. By thoroughly planning your memorial service beforehand, you can be sure that it will best reflect both your wishes, and those of the deceased.

Tony Hollands Funerals are able to assist with the arrangements of a Memorial service and can also supply staff to attend on the day. We have a list of celebrants that can act as M.C's if you require.  

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