Nursing Home Placement

Noninate your Funeral Director 

Nursing Home Placement

All nursing homes will ask if a decision has been made on a funeral director at the initial placement interview.

Most people think that a question on a funeral director is a strange one, but if death occurs and you aren’t prepared, you may be inclined to make a rash decision and select the wrong funeral director. Tony Hollands Funerals recommends that you don't just select the director your family has used for years, but instead, take some time and phone two others. This will either confirm your decision or make you choose another.

Seamless service with Tony Hollands Funerals

We’ve created a document so that when you’ve decided to use Tony Hollands Funerals you'll be prepared when death occurs.

This form has been designed so that when you have, or are about to, place a relative in a nursing facility, you have a document to place in the file. When the person dies, the nursing home will know who to call to handle transport and funeral arrangements. All you need to do is download the form and fill in the sections and hand it to them.

Download the Nominate Your Funeral Director form here.


From paying off funeral expenses in advance to selecting the funeral director, location, and more, there are many benefits to pre-arranged funerals. Get in touch with our team to begin this process.

Pre-Arrange a Funeral

Pre-arranging a funeral can alleviate additional stress when a loved one passes away – whether this involves setting out exactly what is to take place or choosing the location for the service.


Pre-paying for a funeral can eliminate the stress that those left behind may feel if they have to unexpectedly pay for funeral costs. Learn about our payment plans and cover these expenses early.


We encourage adults to appoint an Enduring Power of Attorney who can legally manage your financial and personal/health matters if you are unable to do so. Please review our guide for details.

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