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Costs and Choices for funeral services in Brisbane

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    Funeral Costs and Choices

    There are many costs and choices involved in organising a funeral in Brisbane. At Tony Hollands Funerals, we’re here to help you with many facets of the decision-making process. From choosing between traditional burial or cremation to deciding on floral tributes, coffin, memorial book, and more, there are many things to consider.

    If your loved one pre-arranged what is to happen and put aside payment to cover the costs, we can simply help you to put the plan into action. If, on the other hand, things were not fully agreed upon, our team years of experience working with people through this process and will be glad to assist in any way possible.

    At Tony Hollands Funerals, we offer affordable prices for all services and provide a personalised service to ensure that all your needs are met. Funerals do cost money however, and we’re here to help you organise the funeral you want for your loved one at a reasonable rate.

    The type of funeral you choose will affect pricing, as will numbers for funeral catering. There are also other factors to consider, such as buying cremation urns and flowers, paying for embalming, and other related costs. Our friendly team can offer you advice in all of these areas, and you can trust us when we say that everything will be of the very highest quality.

    Funeral Flowers

    Coffin Flowers that have been chosen by our families are commonly known as a Casket Spray, the basic shape remains constant, but tributes can consist of any flower or colour combination. If the flower is in season , it can be placed in a casket spray. Over many years, Tony Hollands Funerals has used florists that provide funeral flowers of the highest quality. Florists that supply flowers for our funerals work very hard to maintain our standards. All of our florists receive their flowers daily from the markets, so you can be assured that the casket spray you select will be as beautiful and fresh it can be.
    Funeral costs in Brisbane mainly depend on your selection of the following:
    • Burial or Cremation
    • Funeral Service Type (eg: Church Service, Chapel Service, or an Unattended Funeral Service where no family, friends or other mourners are present)
    • Casket or Coffin selection
    • Other Options (eg: funeral flowers, funeral notice and orders of service)

    As such, the final cost is determined by the number of options selected and the choices made.

    Casket or coffin selection is one variable that has a considerable impact on the final outcome of the funeral cost and final account. At Tony Hollands Funerals, we give you the choice of selecting from our website, display booklet or in our selection room. On each coffin in our selection rooms at Yeerongpilly, Victoria Point, and Jimboomba, we have the price and description of its construction, allowing you to make an informed and personal choice for both your financial and ceremonial requirements.


    On a fully conducted funeral service, it is our policy not to charge a transfer fee from a Nursing Home or hospital either during or after business hours. Other funeral directors charge fees as high as $400 after-hours, and can even charge for a transfer during business hours. We do not believe that a family should be penalised if a person passes away after hours. We advise you to confirm these details if you have called another funeral director.

    Minister or Celebrant

    To use a minister or celebrant is your choice, depending on your spiritual or non-religious beliefs. 
    If you do not have contact with your own minister or celebrant, Tony Hollands Funerals can arrange for a religious or non-religious person to conduct the service on your behalf. During the funeral planning, your funeral cost and choices may vary.

    Memorial Books

    Memorial books or funeral attendance registers are available in a multitude of designs. These books can be for either religious or non-religious services. Our staff will ask those who attend to place their names in the book so you will have a record of who attended. This will help if you wish to send thank you cards. We have a wide selection of books and registers, so you're sure to find one that suits your requirements.

    For help with funeral services,
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