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Useful help in Brisbane with Funeral Order of Service Booklets

Order of Service Booklets 

An order of service or printed funeral booklet can be organised and given out as people are gathering at the venue of your choice. These booklets can be either as simple as a folded A4 sheet of paper or as elaborate as a small book.

The booklet often contains details of the deceased with a photo on the front. The inside pages have the funeral service outline and a poem, prayer, or hymn. The back page may have details of the wake, more pictures, the funeral service date and location and so on. If you’re using Tony Hollands Funerals to produce the order of service, we will coordinate with the applicant, minister or celebrant to create the desired order of service.

If the funeral is to be in a church, the minister can organise the church to provide the order of service (sometimes for a small donation). Some celebrants are also equipped to provide an order of service.

See our example of a simple order of service here.

Funeral Memorial cards

Memorial cards are an alternative to orders of service. They are small mementos with details of the deceased and a photo on the front, along with a short poem on the back. 

If you’re using Tony Hollands Funerals to produce the orders of service or memorial cards, we require all the relevant pictures and information (service outline, poems, catering details, etc.) by 12:00pm noon of the last weekday before the funeral service.

If possible, we’ll email a proof to the Applicant (or a nominated person) for approval prior to printing. The orders of service will be printed in colour or black and white onto an A4 page which is folded in half to create a booklet, while memorial cards will be printed on parchment.

Unless you use family or friends to produce the orders of service or memorial cards, there is an additional cost incurred. 

Producing orders of service or memorial cards is not included in Tony Hollands Funerals’ Professional Service Fee.

For help with orders of service,
call us on 07 3392 9919 day or night, seven days a week.

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