Funeral Music

How to supply your funeral music

Funeral Music

All crematorium chapels have CD players to play music. We recommend you play the original CD that the artist recorded.

With the ability to burn music from the internet, you must make sure this is from a reputable source, such as iTunes. As you’re broadcasting this music, this is a measure to ensure that you aren't breaking any copyright laws.

Downloading songs

  • Songs downloaded from iTunes are in m4a format and when burned onto a CD disk, will not play in most CD players. It’s therefore recommended that you convert songs from m4a to mp3 format before burning onto a CD disk.
  • It’s important to test the CD, preferably at the facility being used for the funeral service, but if this cannot be done, then test the CD in at least one CD player (not a computer).
  • Songs on iPhones (or other music playing devices) can also be used as a back-up only, but you must check that the facility being used for the funeral service has the appropriate equipment to use the iPhone (or other music playing devices)
  • A USB flash drive can be used as a back-up only, but you must check with the Facility being used for the Funeral Service that they have the appropriate equipment to use the USB, and what formats are supported

If you’re using Tony Hollands Funerals to play the music, we require all the song titles and artists by 12:00pm on the last weekday before the funeral service.

Unless you use family or friends to produce or supply the music, there is an additional cost incurred. Producing music is not included in Tony Hollands Funerals’ Professional Service Fee.

Tony Hollands Funerals will take all due care to produce and/or play music, but we cannot be held responsible for music that does not work due to improper formats or faulty equipment at the facility used for the funeral service.

For help with funeral music,
call us on 07 3392 9919 day or night, seven days a week.

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